About Us

The Fresh Dealites Team is a group of people with one primary goal — to help its consumers to Manage. Time. Wisely. 

In our present time, people are getting busier with work and other responsibilities and in the end, household duties such as doing the groceries are often done in a rush and without proper planning monthly budgets will end up “just a goal” and not a reality. 

So here comes FRESH DEALITES — your online partner to your kitchen’s needs!

With us, you will no longer experience the following:

  • going through traffic to the supermarket, grocery or wet market
  • the hassle of looking for a parking space
  • long queues in counters
  • making "extra" purchases that will hurt your budget
  • wasting time that you could instead be spending with friends or family 

Within the comforts of your home, at any time of the day and even in your pajamas, with just the click of a button, you can do your daily, weekly or monthly groceries!

We here at
 Fresh Dealites ofter you this dream scenario — Managing your time wisely so you can spend more time with the people who really matter most — your Family!

Rest assured that every package is thoroughly checked by our Fresh Dealites team in order to deliver quality products & fresh produce with the best possible service!